ArlFiber Resolution on Forming a Broadband Authority for Arlington

The following resolution was submitted to the Arlington Democrats’ steering committee for consideration for adoption: Resolution on forming a broadband authority for Arlington County to construct an open access software defined network that ensures high-speed, affordable internet service for all residents and businesses. Whereas, The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that the digital divide is aContinue reading “ArlFiber Resolution on Forming a Broadband Authority for Arlington”

Sun Gazette Letter to the Editor

The following letter to the editor from an ArlFiber Collective member was recently published by the Sun Gazette (online – Insidenova): Letter: Arlington needs to go all in providing Internet service SUN GAZETTE NEWSPAPERS Jul 22, 2020 Editor: The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the many perils and injustices created by the digital divideContinue reading “Sun Gazette Letter to the Editor”

ArlFiber Press Release on Forming a Broadband Authority for Arlington

Click here for a formal document. It’s time for Arlington County to form a broadband authority The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that the digital divide in our country is a national emergency. The mass transition to online work and communication rapidly split us all up into internet haves and have nots. This wasContinue reading “ArlFiber Press Release on Forming a Broadband Authority for Arlington”

COVID-19 and Digital Equity in Arlington

Covid-19 and the digital divide The Coronavirus pandemic has really laid bare the fundamental inequalities of U.S. society. This is particularly the case for internet access. While the internet provides many with the opportunity to continue their daily lives with some semblance of normalcy amid the crisis, millions of Americans do not have reliable accessContinue reading “COVID-19 and Digital Equity in Arlington”

VADP adopts community broadband resolution

Members of ArlFiber who were delegates to the 2020 state convention of the Virginia Democratic Party submitted a resolution on ensuring high-speed affordable broadband for all by expanding community owned networks. You can read the resolution in full here, but the calls for action were as follows: Therefore, be it Resolved that the 8th CongressionalContinue reading “VADP adopts community broadband resolution”

HB 1052 – Fight Not Over

**We now know that this post is inaccurate. Localities in VA CAN do public broadband, but it has to be through a broadband authority** This is a blog post discussing recent efforts by some members of our group to remove restrictions on community broadband in VA. Virginia is currently not for lovers of public broadband.Continue reading “HB 1052 – Fight Not Over”

5G, the Digital Divide, and a Cooperative Response

In many of our conversations with people in the community about the ArlFiber project, we are often asked why we are focusing on fiber when everyone else is talking about the coming 5G wireless resolution. As we point out in our FAQ, fiber is the only “future proof” telecommunications technology out there, insofar as oneContinue reading “5G, the Digital Divide, and a Cooperative Response”