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Working to Create a Community Broadband Network for Arlington

Welcome to the ArlFiber website!

We are calling on the Arlington County Board to form a broadband authority to convert part or all of its ConnectArlington municipal dark fiber network into a county-wide, fiber-to-the-home/premises community broadband network.

Our goals for this network are as follows:

  • Bridge the digital divide for underserved and unserved families;
  • Ensure a fiber-to-the-home/premises connection for all who want it;
  • Provide subscribers with real choices for low-cost, high-speed internet service;
  • Respect subscribers’ privacy;
  • Commit to permanent net neutrality;
  • Give subscribers a democratic say in how this community network operates.

Learn more about our vision and our campaign by reading our Arlington Broadband Authority FAQ. If you are already familiar with our campaign and want to help us, click here to join the campaign.

We need to build a digital landscape that provides world-class connection to all, is sustainable, privacy-enhancing, rights-preserving, innovative, and democratic by design. We must therefore move in the direction of treating digital connectivity as a right and organizing digital infrastructure …as a vital 21st-century public good, underpinned by democratic ownership and governance..

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