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County Board Allocates Money for Feasibility Study in 2022 Budget

After almost a year of tireless advocacy, ArlFiber has finally netted a tangible win in its campaign for community broadband for Arlington. Yesterday (Tuesday, April 20), the Arlington County Board passed their budget for 2022, which includes $50,000 for a feasibility study on forming a broadband authority: The backstory to this achievement is that membersContinue reading “County Board Allocates Money for Feasibility Study in 2022 Budget”

ArlFiber gets op-ed in ArlNow

Two of our esteemed members of ArlFiber published a great op-ed in ArlNow’s Progressive Voice column this week. Check it out:

Amend SB 1225

TLDR Version (Update below): State Senator Jennifer Boysko has introduced a bill (SB 1225) in the 2021 session of the Virginia General Assembly that will establish new rules for local schools on partnering with an internet service provider to connect households with disadvantaged students. These rules would exclude public broadband providers by virtue of onlyContinue reading “Amend SB 1225”


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