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County Board adds 150K to Study + Civic Federation Panel

We have great news!  Based on conversations with Arlington County Board members this summer, the Board and County Manager decided this fall to use leftover ARPA funds​ to increase the amount of funding for the broadband study​ (that was initially included in the 2022 budget) by $150,000​ [pdf – p. 10], bringing the total allotment to $200,000. The scope and goals of the study have likewise been refined toContinue reading “County Board adds 150K to Study + Civic Federation Panel”

Benefits of Community Broadband Panel Discussion (10/4/2021)

On Monday, October 4, 2021 we had an amazing panel discussion on the benefits of community broadband. As the Arlington County Board takes tentative steps toward exploring the creation of a public option for broadband for all its residents, we thought it would benefit our Arlington friends and neighbors to hear how other communities areContinue reading “Benefits of Community Broadband Panel Discussion (10/4/2021)”

County Board Allocates Money for Feasibility Study in 2022 Budget

After almost a year of tireless advocacy, ArlFiber has finally netted a tangible win in its campaign for community broadband for Arlington. Yesterday (Tuesday, April 20), the Arlington County Board passed their budget for 2022, which includes $50,000 for a feasibility study on forming a broadband authority: The backstory to this achievement is that membersContinue reading “County Board Allocates Money for Feasibility Study in 2022 Budget”


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