Panel Discussion: The Digital Divide and Community Broadband in Arlington

ArlFiber is teaming up with the Arlington Dems Black Caucus to hold a panel discussion on the digital divide and community broadband in Arlington on Wednesday, August 19 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Click here to sign our petition calling on the County Board to form a broadband authority for Arlington.

The pandemic has made it clear that the digital divide is a national emergency. Here in Arlington, as many as 10% of households have no home internet. These are primarily low-income families and people of color who cannot afford home service. With children set to return to school in an online format in the fall, this is an unacceptable state of affairs. This forum will discuss the nature of the digital divide and possible solutions, particularly a public option for broadband.

Moderators: Maya Jones (ArlDems Black Caucus), Tim Dempsey (Arlfiber)


1) Gigi Sohn, Distinguished Fellow at the Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy and a Benton Senior Fellow and Public Advocate. Topic: Federal Policy and the Digital Divide.

2) Francella Ochillo, Executive Director at Next Century Cities. Topic: The digital divide and racial/digital equity.

3) Holly Hartell, Assistant CIO for Strategic Initiatives at Arlington County Department of Technology. Topic: The digital divide in Arlington.

4) Robert Bridgham, Executive Director of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority (ESVBA). Topic: Broadband authorities in Virginia: The ESVBA experience.

5) Bruce Patterson, Technology Director, City of Ammon Fiber Optics. Topic: The Ammon model;

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A coalition of your Arlington neighbors is advocating for the creation of a community-owned internet service provider to provide faster, lower-cost internet service that will respect our privacy, commit to permanent net neutrality, and strive for digital equity.

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